Assam Fish

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Time out for the Thai curries. I craved for Assam Fish this week.

The Assam Fish (Asam Fish) is a classic and authentic Malaysian dish which I love the most. I was blissful enough to have this heavenly dish for three times when I was having my recent vacation in Malaysia. It is a spicy sour tasted dish, where fish is cooked in assam (tamarind) fruit juice together with some other ingredients like tomato and okra. Normally, fish (such as mackerel, stingray or red snappers) or even fish heads are used. Stingray was the common fish my mom used for this dish. She made this dish so good!

Nowadays assam pastes are sold in convenient packs and I bought few Tean’s Gourmet brand assam pastes from Malaysia. I thought it’s so complicated to make the Assam Fish but I was totally wrong! With the convenient pack and a few easy steps, I completed my first Assam fish. It was good.

I supposed to use the stingray but ended up with swai (striped catfish) fillets. It was much easier and I was lazy. You may put in any of your desired fish or seafood for this dish.


2 pieces swai/striped catfish fillets (cut into pieces)
2 tomato (quartered)
5-6 okra
1 ½ cup Water


1 pack of Tean’s Gourmet Assam Fish paste

Cooking Method:

  1. Mix the Assam fish paste with water in a pot and bring to boil.
  2. Add the swai fillets, simmer with medium heat for 10-12 minutes.
  3. Add the tomato and okras and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
  4. Dish up and serve hot.

P/S: The cooking method is from the back of the assam paste packet.

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